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Player Resources //

What should you know //

This program will:


  • Address physical wellness and mental health rather than sport competition

  • Offer a social aspect to the game of soccer

  • Stress an active organizational role on seniors

  • Host specialized drills unlike those for youth and active adults

  • Include family events for all ages




Walking Soccer Nova Scotia is hosted at the BMO indoor soccer facilities at 210 Thomas Raddall Drive, Halifax, Nova Scotia




Please contact us to find out when the next walking soccer season is nearest to you!




The sessions for persons aged 55 and older, and are not mandatory to participate in every week. . Please contact us if you do not plan to attend one week so we can count for the number of participants.


Once we are all comfortable with running the program, then participants are encouraged to take on refereeing and coaching as well as managing teams and playing. But only if you're comfortable with it - we will always be there as well!



Once you're registered as a player with us, you'll need

  • A good, supportive pair of walking shoes

  • Movement allowing clothing (loose pants and a t-shirt are fine)

  • An understanding of your body and physical restraints

What you'll need to get started//

Positive Aging Seminars


It is our priority to educate seniors on positive aging and the benefits of staying physically active. The program will teach proper stretching techniques throughout each session as well as ball and positional skills.

Technical development training sessions

One of the key benefits to joining a Walking Soccer Nova Scotia league is the hands-on development training sessions with professional Soccer Nova Scotia certified Technical Directors.

Our trainers are some of the best in Nova Scotia, working with high level premier soccer leagues. They have specially developed training sessions modified for Nova Scotian seniors to aid in mobility training and skills to enforce positive aging and enhance the players soccer skills.

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