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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)...

When does the season start?   


The indoor walking soccer seasons will be posted for each facility on the home page. Each session is one hour long beginning at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays at the BMO Soccer Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Will I be placed on a team?

As this is purely recreational and not competitive, teams are made up each week from the participants who are there. You may be with a different set of teammates each week. Positions are also fluid - you may choose to play defence for part of the game and in a position with more running at other times during the game. It's all up to you, and how much activity you'd like to have at any given time during any time of the game.


Why do you need so much information from each person? 

If a person of any age is going from inactive to physically active, it can have serious health implications. In the case that a person has pulled a muscle or been injured, we require contact information of at least one emergency contact.

Who do I contact if I go on vacation? 


Please contact us and let us know that we shouldn't be expecting you at the game, for any reason. Our office number is 902-414-8019, or send us an email at

Who will be conducting the games? 


Walking Soccer Nova Scotia is administrated by the Walking Soccer Association of Nova Scotia and hosted at the BMO Soccer Centre artificial turf in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The sessions will be run by a Technical Director staff trained in modified drills for persons with limited mobility. It is our utmost priority to keep you safe on the field.

Are the fields sometimes closed? 

As the program plays on an indoor turf facility, the field does not normally close. Any change in schedule (example - March Break) will be communicated well in advance. In the unforeseeable incident that the field is closed, each player will be contacted via the telephone number or other contact information provided with registration.

Must all the players wear the same colour shorts and socks?    

No, for walking soccer you do not have to wear matching clothing or uniforms. Yoga pants or sweat pants are the norm. Coloured pinnies will be provided. Comfortable footwear or running shoes is recommended.


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