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Seniors from around Halifax and all of the surrounding communities are encouraged to come and play Walking Soccer Nova Scotia. The league will promote healthy living in seniors, both men and women, and people recovering from aliments by engaging with participants to stay active, social and have some fun!


Entirely run by seniors - the league administration will teach seniors to referee their own games, hold skill training sessions (simple passing, dribbling, easy turning with the ball), and play fun recreational/low competition games held at the indoor, heated soccer facility at 210 Thomas Raddall Drive, BMO Soccer Centre, Soccer Nova Scotia building. The Walking Soccer league administration will oversee all aspects of the program and provide assistance when needed.

The walking soccer sessions will be run by a Certified Recreation Therapy Specialist to enhance participant experience. Educational seminars with Capital Health and the Fountain of Health (http://fountainofhealth.ca/) will be hosted on select program days. 

No Experience Required!




Seniors Walking Soccer Nova Scotia aims to encourage socialization and fun while offering physical activity that is easy for seniors to participate in.



To lead the impact of positive aging by:


● Helping seniors live healthy, social lifestyles

● Preventing the further onset and consequences of isolation in seniors

● Encourage physical health and prosperity in Nova Scotians




To provide persons aged 55 and over with a comfortable and inviting environment to learn and participate in safe physical activity at all skill levels.




We strive for a happier, healthier future for all Nova Scotians.




Integrity:           Do the right thing

Transparency:  Share information openly

Excellence:       Be the best we can be

Innovation:       Be creative; think differently

Partnership:     Cooperate and share mutual interest

Impact:             Make a difference

Safety:              Be safe, make the right choices



Walking Soccer is a modified, social version of the game of soccer, aimed at keeping men and women over the age of 55, or who are recovering from a physical ailment, physically active and social within their communities.


Recognizing the aging population in Nova Scotia (currently the oldest population in Canada along with New Brunswick), we hope to increase physical health, social interaction and encourage exercise within the senior population in Nova Scotia. We know that eating healthy and exercising regularly can increase the quality of an individual's physical and mental health; and ultimately add years and quality to a person's life.





We strive to make a healthy life achievable for anyone. We have a team who is dedicated and flexible to individual needs. It is our utmost priority to keep you safe on and off the field.


The focus is for the league administrators to be very highly involved in the initial process/phases until the program is more developed and seniors are comfortable making their own teams and organizing play - easing into this will increase socialization and senior control and confidence. There will be two days of group meetings with a Capital Health volunteer nurse to educate seniors and promote physical exercise benefits and positive aging awareness for physical and mental health. The building is wheelchair accessible and walker friendly complete with an elevator.